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  • Your organization will pay off.  Label all your boxes
  • Pack as if you planned to put your possessions on a moving van.  Use sturdy box containers to store tools, dishes, home decorations, etc.  Use protective wrap for delicate items, and for larger items and irregular shaped goods such as furniture that can’t fit in a box.
  •  Pack clothes in airtight bags.  Use recommended pest repellents.  The repellents often deter rodents, as well.
  • NEVER pack food items, even if it’s packaged for your pantry storage except canned items.
  • Make a detailed inventory list of everything you store and number each box.


  • Use pallets or an equivalent method to lift all your goods off the concrete floors.  Concrete does hold some moisture.
  • Never store items that have high monetary or sentimental value.
  • Store items that are heat sensitive closer to the floor than the ceiling.
  • Put the items you may need during the storage period closest to the door.
  • If you will need to use the items from storage, make aisle-ways between stored goods.
  • Use your home shelving furniture units to shelve goods during storage.


  • Use a high grade lock. Bring your own lock.

This information is not offered as a guarantee of trouble free storage, but is merely intended to assist you in your storage and packing.

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